Policy Research and Capacity Building

Policy Research and Advocacy

ICCSA works with organizations to lessen their environmental footprint and to better understand how future trends may affect their company.
ICCSA works with industries and organizations for providing technical support in judiciary matters including polluter pays principle.
ICCSA plans to collaboration with stakeholders, especially government entities, on measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dealing with the effects of climate change.
ICCSA plans to collaborate with clients to build effective, suitable, and implementable ways to address current and future development, economic growth, and sustainability concerns.
Incorporating uncertainty and risk into planning and management procedures, as well as providing sustainability advisory services such as policy formation on combating climate change, modeling, and programming.
To provide services to develop policies, rules and regulations, as well as undertake worldwide research to document and communicate the most up-to-date trends and best practices with practitioners around the country.

Capacity Building and Implementation

ICCSA promotes stakeholder engagement through development of institutional capacity that would allow organisations to address environmental challenges and implement effective climate change measures.

We help in identification of areas with significant pollution and environmental concerns, monitoring and compliance issues and work on solutions to above concerns with the organisation.

ICCSA provides specialist training, decision-making orientation programmes, information exchange platform, and helps companies towards adoption of worldwide best practices.
ICCSA believes that a new approach to environmental capacity building is necessary, with a greater emphasis on green development. ICCSA brings in collaborators for providing specialised solutions and training for above capacity building.
ICCSA specializes in formulating strategies such as the implementation of Circular Economy strategies that aids knowledge in how to eliminate waste, pollution, circulate products and resources and regenerate the environment.

We work with industries and organizations for gap analysis , need analysis, policy formulation, specialized training for environmental goals and so on and have developed suites of courses for above capacity building.