ICCSA Verticals

An initiative for nurturing and protecting the environment to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

Policy Research

Provide design, research and evidence based support to government and industries on policy formulation

Implementation Support

Support government, organisations, industries in implementation of environmental programs, capacity building

Urban Management

Strategic solution for urban areas catering to air, water, noise, climatic and socio-economic parameters

Sustainable Technology

Development and deployment of niche technologies as per the requirement in the space of Environment and Sustainability

R3(Rejuvenation, Restoration and Remediation)

Technological and Service oriented solutions for pollution related problems using the 3R technique

Environmental Economic Assessment

Provide consulting to government and industries on economic assessment of environmental impacts and services

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Consultation and development of sustainability reports using IIRC, GRI, ESG and Circular Economy Frameworks

Climate Linked Strategies

Development, deployment and capacity building on strategies related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, including net zero planning