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National Seminar on ‘Taj Trapezium: Rethink for Growth and Sustainability’ – Nov. 25, 2021


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Objectives as per COI

I. To perform activities that contribute to ensuring environmental sustainability, arresting and reversing climate change, maintaining and improving the quality of soil, air and water, ecological balance, conservation of natural resources, protecting flora and fauna, and animal welfare, agroforestry, etc. Inter-alia, the activities would include the following:a. Developing, acquiring, disseminating and providing knowledge in the fields of environment, sustainability and governance b. Support corporates and organizations in environmental, sustainability and governance matters and reporting c. Design and provide training, capacity building and educational programmes d. Organize brainstorming sessions, workshops, conferences, webinars and meetings for stakeholders and conduct awareness campaigns e. Developing capacity, community and expertise f. Provide technical and management support and consulting services g. Contribute in building supportive policy environment and policy frameworks h. Support government programmes/missions and flagship programmes i. Developing, acquiring, and providing both tangible and intangible assets related to environment, sustainability and governance j. Developing, acquiring, demonstrating and disseminating technologies and technical know-how k. Develop partnerships, collations and collaborative programmes both nationally and internationally l. Assist other individuals and entities working in these fields m. Establish and operate business incubators, accelerators and research facilities n. Buy, rent, operate, establish and furnish facilities to provide access to technologies, processes, and skill development o. To hold assets on behalf of entrepreneurs, workers, communities, and other organizationsII. To work in the fields of ESG (environment, sustainability and governance), circular economy, climate change resilience, net-zero programs and similar and allied areas and individually and also with other stakeholders like individuals, communities, governments and government entities, multi-lateral agencies, corporates, other organisations, etc. in India and elsewhere.