Former Director, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, former Director, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur, (born in 1964) obtained M.Tech. in Environmental Science and Engineering from IIT-Bombay and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from RTM Nagpur University. Before assuming the charge of Director of the CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR NEERI) on 23rd May 2016, he was Chief Scientist and Head of CSIR-NEERI Mumbai Zonal Centre. He has a vast experience in all fields of environmental science and engineering, especially air pollution control and management, urban air quality monitoring, emission inventory and modelling, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, climate change and health. Dr. Kumar has given a notable contribution in developing technologies for reuse and recycle of domestic and industrial wastewater, which brought a paradigm shift in the country. His efforts have always been for upliftment and application of Science and Technology for a sustainable development. His goal is to provide science and technology-oriented solutions for the benefit of society and industry. He has received 9 awards for his outstanding contributions in Environmental Science & Engineering, among which the notable ones are Commonwealth Commission Award, UK in 1994: “Environmental Leadership Award” by US Asia Environmental Partnership and US-AID for the year 2005 for outstanding contribution in improving quality of life for the population of Asia. He has been given an award for largest number of technology transfer for low-cost wastewater treatment-PHYTORID in the year 2012. He has been given VASVIK award for 2012 for his exemplary work for urban environment improvement and sustainable technology “Phytorid” for sewage treatment for better environment. He has been recently awarded “Hiyoshi Think of Ecology Award” in September 2015 for his work on use of ecology in solving environmental engineering problems. He has also served as “Adjunct Professor” at Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT-Bombay. Dr. Kumar has ten patents on pollution control devices including two international patents and published more than 95 papers in national and international Journals and 92 papers in national and international conferences.